More Power ||| Lower Fuel

  Our new four-cylinder Drive-E engine is small but powerful. So powerful that we believe it will change the way people think about engines, ending the decades-old assumption that more cylinders equals more power. We have proven that is doesn't with our new Drive-E line of power-trains.

In fact, our four-cylinder engines offer performance equivalent to six and even eight-cylinder power-plants. And the bit we're particularly proud of is the lower fuel consumption and emissions output that comes standard with our new engine range. Actually, we think that's quite a big deal.

Our Drive-E philosophy is all about achieving the greatest efficiency from every Volvo car, whether that's with our new family of four-cylinder engines or a whole host of fresh, innovative technologies.

Supercharged and Turbocharged
You get more torque at lower revs and great throttle response with turbo boost coming in at higher revs. This results in terrific fuel economy and performance power up-to 300hp.

8-Speed Auto Gearbox
The gearbox is an important part of the Drive-E story. It ensures you will always be in the right gear for the very best engine response and drive-ability. This brings a smooth driving experience, higher efficiency and lower running costs.

Eco Mode
Eco+ mode improves fuel economy via a range of measures, including optimizing the gearboxes shift points as well as engine control and and throttle response. There is also a coast function, which disengages engine braking and drops the engine revs to idle, which allows the the vehicle to coast when the situation permits. 
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