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Volvo Has Reliable Vehicles With Solid Performance Features

If you need an automobile that performs well in the city and rural areas, you might want to consider buying a Volvo. This brand makes great cars that have high-quality professional-grade performance hardware that our Keene, NH drivers appreciate. Shop online today and discover a fantastic lineup of new Volvo SUVs and sedans at Volvo cars Keene.

Volvo Vehicles


The S60 is available with a 2.0-liter engine. One of the engines is supercharged and turbocharged providing additional energy that many of our Brattleboro, VT drivers crave. There are also different transmission systems available for the S60. You can equip it with a six-speed or eight-speed transmission. Volvo has options for the drive trains. Consumers can pick an S60 with front-wheel or all-wheel drive.


XC40 vehicles are known for their driving assist tools. The standard features include lane-keep assist, automatic emergency braking, and automatic high-beam headlights.


An XC90 has a variety of performance solutions that focus on safety. Along busy highways, the Blind Spot Information System increases awareness and makes the process of maneuvering into different lanes easier, and Cross Traffic Alert complements this system by giving a driver time to react moments before a possible collision may occur.

The XC90 performs extremely well in traffic because it's Safety Collision Avoidance System that constantly scans the road as you drive around East Swanzey, NH. If another vehicle gets too close to the XC90, the system will alert. It will also trigger in communities and neighborhoods when cyclists and pedestrians are at risk.

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These are a few of the great vehicles by Volvo. At Volvo Cars Keene, you can check out these cars and other powerful Volvo products, and you could also test different automobile's performance capabilities during a short test drive. The process of arranging a cruise via a remote test drive or at our dealership is never a hassle as we have a dedicated staff. Our team regularly works with consumers in Rindge, NH and Volvo fans near Winchendon, MA. Shop online today using our Keene Quick Buy Tool and we'll deliver your new Volvo car or SUV directly to your front door!