Just the words “roadside emergency” are enough to invoke fear in many drivers. Roadside emergencies happen every day, and most drivers get through them. However, there is a difference between just getting through them and getting through with as little stress and cost as possible. Our team at Volvo Cars Keene in East Swanzey, NH has some great tips to offer on how to deal with a roadside emergency.

The first thing to do is to drive your vehicle as much off the road as you can to avoid being hit by a passing vehicle. If you’re on the freeway, try to exit off the road. You want your vehicle to be seen by others so be sure to turn on the emergency flashers and use flares or triangles if possible.

If you have it, you may even want to tie a white cloth from the antenna or top of the vehicle to let others know you need help. If you have a cell phone, call for help. Do not start walking down the road for help. Lock your doors and stay in the vehicle.

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