Windshield wiper blades are prime candidates for replacement on an intermittent basis, at least once or twice annually. Many factors affect wiper blade integrity and function, and the symptoms of degrading wiper blades are fairly straightforward. Here's the skinny from our Volvo Cars Keene service department techs.

Environmental Factors

Wiper blades remain exposed to the elements year-round. No matter the brand of the wiper blade, at some point degradation becomes inevitable owing to extreme temps, moisture, oils from car wax, debris, and UV light.

Repeated exposure to these factors and the friction of squeegeeing windshields can cause windshield wiper blades to harden, split, crack, bend, or erode. This prevents wiper blades from squeegeeing your windshield effectively.

Wiper Blade Problems

The results of wiper blades that are breaking down are often audible and visible. You may hear squeaking or chattering. You may also see streaking, skipping, and split smudge patterns on your windshield.

Don't wait for your driving visibility to be too greatly compromised. Schedule a service appointment at our East Swanzey, NH dealership. Have your windshield wiper blades replaced today.

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