To stay safe on the roads, you'll have to have the right size tires. You've probably noticed many markings on your tires' sidewalls, but what does everything mean?

Most tires you'll see start with a P, which stands for passenger car tire. LT stands for light truck tire, and this is frequently seen also. Note that European metric tires don't start with any letter(s). The first three numbers show you the width of the tire, and the next set of numbers is the aspect ratio, which compares the tire height to the width. After this, there is a letter that shows the speed rating. Higher letters mean higher speed ratings. The next set of numbers is the wheel diameter, followed by the load index.

There's no need for concern if you're overwhelmed. The team at Volvo Cars Keene in East Swanzey, NH would be happy to help you with finding new tires.

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