Volvo makes some of the safest and most stylish vehicles on the road. The S60 R-Design sports sedan comes with AWD to make it safer and faster than other luxurious sports sedans. The Volvo S60 R-Design stands out from other sports sedans and people will stop and stare as you roll around the streets of East Swanzey.

Volvo wanted to make sure that the S60 R-Design was confidence-inspiring to drive. That is why they fitted it with stiffer suspension that allows you to stay flatter during hard cornering. When there is less roll around corners you feel more confident and can push the S60 harder. The S60 also comes with a Nappa leather interior that has open grid textile upholstery. These materials give the R-Design a sporty feel and keep you from sliding around in your seat when you are driving hard.

Volvo loves to engineer every aspect of their vehicles and you get the sense that every option was intentional. To feel how easy the S60 R-Design is to drive, you can stop by Volvo Cars Keene and take it out for a ride around town.



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