All Eyes on the Volvo S90

While the new Volvo S90 is sure to turn heads wherever you go in East Swanzey, NH, the luxury sedan also has the capability to view your surroundings as well. It's available with an impressive camera system that can help you out while parking.

A rear camera comes standard on every build. It's designed to show you what's behind the vehicle so that you can back out of parking spots and driveways without any problems. Digital lines are put over the image from the cameras and act as guide markers to help you navigate safely.

If you want an even better view of what's around your ride, the Volvo S90 is available at Volvo Cars Keene with a 360-degree camera system. Instead of a single camera in the back, this system has four. Each individual camera is fine-tuned to capture live video from each side of the car. Then, the four images are all stitched together. The final results are a bird's eye view of your car from above.

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