What to Know About Your Brake Pads

Keeping your brake pads in good condition makes it easier for your car to stop in a reasonable amount of time. It also makes it possible to stop a car without damaging the rotors or the caliper piston. Brake pads should be inspected each time that you go to Volvo Cars Keene for routine service.

You can also diagnose the condition of your vehicle's brake pads by listening carefully when applying the brakes. If the pad is work or out of place, you'll hear a squeaking noise or smell something burning from that part of the vehicle. This is likely the heat from the friction caused when the caliper squeezes down on the rotor.

The friction is what allows the car to reduce its speed or come to a complete stop. Most brake pads are made from a metallic alloy as they are quieter and cleaner than ceramic products.




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