A Quick Peek at the Safety Features of the Volvo V90

Connecting our customers to vehicles like the V90, one of the prized luxury wagons from Volvo, makes the people at Volvo Cars Keene happy. Our happiness comes from knowing that this is a good vehicle, and we know it is safe to drive on the streets of East Swanzey.

V90 Safety

Here are some interesting safety features of the V90:


One thing you are going to be happy to know is the Volvo team has added laminated glass to the windows on this wagon. This ensures criminals have a harder time breaking the glass of this vehicle.

Road Signs

The V90 uses its cameras to help detect important road information. You probably have experienced the moment when you blinked and missed an important road sign, like "no entry" or something similar. You now have a system that is looking out for these signs and giving you that information through your speedometer.

Keep in mind that these are just two of many features packed in the V90 that you have to experience to believe, so don't hesitate to take a test drive.



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