One of the most sought-after, celebrated and elegantly styled SUVs in society today is the Volvo XC90. This fan-favorite SUV hosts an abundance of useable features, has plenty of engine power and is absolutely gorgeous to the naked-eye. Let's breakdown the Volvo XC90's exterior to see why it's so stunning.

The new Volvo XC90 sports one of the most elegant and athletic exteriors. This is Scandinavia brilliance at its finest. The front fascia of this SUV is darn-near perfect thanks to its intricate-designed grille and flashy headlamps. Of course, no pun is intended, but these headlamps have a "Thor-Hammer" shape. To the rear of the vehicle, there are asymmetrical LEDs that do a phenomenal job of cradling the frame. Volvo offers many white and gray paints for the exterior. In addition to that, consumers can choose from multiple wheel designs and sizes.

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